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Create Questionnaires Easily

Creating a questionnaire in RSVME is as easy as creating an e-mail message. Just type in the questions you want answers to. Choose from one of over 80 different templates that control the presentation of your questionnaire. There’s never any doubt what your questionnaire will look like because it is displayed in real time.
RSVME Editor
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Select People Right from Your Address Book

If you use Outlook or Outlook Express with RSVME you can select the people you want to fill out your form simply by clicking the To button on the Questionnaire Editor. In addition, Outlook users can get RSVME added to their toolbar, making it even easier to get your questions answered quickly!
RSVME Addressbook
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Get Your Answers, Fast!

You can immediately see who has answered your questionnaire by clicking the Answers link in the RSVME window. No more looking through everyone’s e-mails to add up and figure out what the answer is – RSVME gives you a quick, simple count of what everyone has chosen.
RSVME Response
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Let Everyone Know the Results Even Faster!

Once you’ve got your answers, let RSVME tell everyone that responded to you what the results are. With two mouse clicks you can create a formatted report that will be sent to everyone that got your invitation to fill out the questionnaire.
RSVME Email response
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